Our Approach

We believe that all believers should have access to a thorough theological education without consideration of economic means.

Our goal is to educate fully any believer in the great truths of Systematic Theology, to train him in the techniques of expository teaching, to have him understand the importance of going to the original languages to insure accuracy and finally to interpret all doctrines in the light of the dispensational reality of God’s plan.

Our Bible Institute is designed to train the believers of all ages in the doctrines of faith and the dynamics of living by that faith. Thus, the mission and goal of Charis Theological Seminary is to prepare men and women for the great responsibility of communicating God’s infallible BIBLE.

Meet the

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Larry B. Patrick

Founder & President

Dr. Patrick founded Charis Theological Seminary and Bible Institute in 1986 and has served as President and professor of theology since the seminary’s inception. He finished his theological studies in 1992 when he received his TH.D. from Tulsa Institute of Biblical Languages. Through many years of teaching and dedicated study, Dr. Patrick has become a virtual library of Biblical knowledge

Ron Powell


Deacon Ron Powell

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