Larry B. Patrick THD.

Dr. Patrick became a student of the Bible in September of 1972. At that time he was living in Athens Greece, and while there in the military took his first Greek classes and began his studies in theology. He returned to the United States in January of 1975. From 1975 to 1977, he finished his B.S. degree at North Western University while pasturing at St. Paul's Baptist Church in Leesville, Louisiana. He moved to Houston, Texas in 1977, where he began his Bible teaching career in several church Biblical Institutions throughout the city.

Dr. Patrick founded Charis Seminary in 1986 and has served as President and professor of theology since the seminary's  inception. He finished his theological studies in 1992 when he received his TH.D. from Tulsa Institute of Biblical Languages. Through many years of teaching and dedicated study, Dr. Patrick has become a virtual library of Biblical knowledge